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[arms of Caid] Non-Member Surcharge Policy [arms of the Queen of Caid]

From the Corporate Treasurer
At the January 10, 2010 quarterly meeting, the Board of Directors voted in an increase to the Non Member Surcharge. Starting July 1, 2010 the NMS will be $5 on admission to events. At the same time a request was made by the Corporate Treasurer to revise the NMS Policy to remove the words ‘required donation.’ Donations by nature are freely given, therefore if an amount is required it is the same as asking for a site fee and not a donation.

How the NMS applies:
(1) The NMS will apply to events which meet the requirements defined in Corpora section II.C., "...Society events for which a full announcement including date, time, and place has been published in advance in the appropriate corporate publication;" and for which a site fee to attend the event is charged.
(2) The NMS will not be collected if there is no site fee to attend the event.
(3) The NMS will not be collected for minors for whom there is a discounted event fee.
(4) The NMS will not be collected for any adult for whom an entry fee is not collected, even if others are required to pay at the same event.
(5) The NMS will not be collected for events that ask for a non-cash donation to gain entry to the site such as bringing canned goods or a toy. Please keep in mind that any event that asks for a donation, whether cash or non-cash cannot require anyone to donate. In other words, if someone wants to attend the event and does not donate any cash or non-cash items, you have to allow them entry.

Default procedure for NMS implementation:
(1) Each Kingdom will collect the NMS and forward monies in US fund to the Corporate Office on a quarterly basis.
(2) The Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chancellor Of The Exchequer will be responsible for ensuring compliance.
(3) Implementation alternatives may be presented to, and approved by, the Society Seneschal and Treasurer of the SCA, Inc. Final approval of alternatives will be reviewed by the Board.

At the SCA Board of Directors' meeting that was held in April 17 2010, the non-member surcharge was further defined to include fee structures:
For the Kingdoms that reside in the United States, the NMS fee is $5 USD. For Kingdoms and groups that reside in Canada, the NMS fee is $5 CAN. For the Kingdom of Drachenwald, the NMS fee is 5 EUR.

The increase to the Non-Member Surcharge (NMS) goes into effect on July 1, 2010 for all 18 Laurel Kingdoms. The NMS does not apply to Lochac as they are under the SCAA, Inc. organization. A new NMS submission form will be made available through the Society Exchequer’s website.

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